Aside / Lilith

Boys, girls, single, taken: Take a V-day chill pill

To the girl in a relationship trying not to get her hopes up too much, but secretly refreshing her email for a notification from the front desk saying her flowers have arrived:

To the single girl posting one too many Snapchat stories of her Galentine’s dinner with friends to prove she’s fine:

To the guy in a relationship trying to maintain his cool demeanor as he walks down the busy sidewalk with a vase of roses and an oversized teddy bear:

To the single guy carefully avoiding his dating apps and the girl he’s “talking to” because he doesn’t want to give her the wrong idea:

…You’re all overcompensating, but so am I.

PS. I still have a stomach ache from the obligatory Mexican Galentine’s Day dinner I had last night. Bottomless chocolate today tho.

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