Dating / Mary Carmichael

He showed up covered in sweat

Dear diary,

I went on a lunch date.  The word “date” is a very loose term here, though.

It was with that really cute, yet really flakey guy I’ve told you about before. The one who always manages to pop up unexpectedly every few months.

I ran into him outside our work building and it was like every other time I saw him. We caught up, he asked why we never hung out, he said we need to hang out, I smiled and said “for sure.” And then I walked away knowing I wouldn’t hear from him again until the next time we bumped into each other.

This time, though, he immediately texted me. He said we should grab lunch the next week, I said sure. He said he’d send me a calendar invite. Our conversation ended shortly after and I immediately forgot it. I knew him well enough.

And yet that night I got an email. An Outlook calendar invite from him for the next Wednesday. We were getting lunch at Shophouse from 12-1. Call me surprised.

The next Wednesday he messaged me at work by 10 am.

“Still good for Shophouse today?”

I was impressed. “Yep!”

“I’m going to work out at 11:30, so does 12:30 work?”

A little less impressed. “Haha sure works for me.”

At 12:30 he texted me that he was ready so I headed down to meet him in the lobby. And then I saw him. Not only was he still in his workout clothes, he was dripping sweat. His gray shirt was soaked. I said hi, avoided the hug, and we walked outside.

“So, do you sit by a window?” Weird question. And a dumb one. I had already told about my depressing and dark fifth floor cubicle.


“Oh bummer. I was doing wind sprints in that park right next to our office. So if you had a window seat you could’ve seen me. Actually, my brother sits by a window and called me during my workout. He was like hey dude are you doing wind sprints outside? And I was like yeah! And he was like wow nice form.”

Dear god.  “Wow, sorry I missed it.”

As we walked, we saw a biker swerving in between cars and he asked if I liked biking.

“I like biking but I’d never risk biking in the city, it seems way too dangerous. You?”

“I ride my bike everywhere. I’ve only gotten into an accident once.” He laughed, “I was riding my bike and saw this really hot girl. So I was checking her out and ran into a car.”

“Sounds like you deserved it.” He laughed thinking I was joking.

His final attempt at conversation was asking about my upcoming trip to Hawaii. A promising start. After a few minutes, though, he told me I should get him a black pearl when I was there. I asked him why. He said because he saw how cool they were when he bought his last girlfriend black pearl earrings.

In a five-minute walk he had managed to talk about how good he looks working out, how he likes to check out hot girls, and the gifts he bought his ex girlfriend. All while smelling of post workout sweat.

Finally we arrived at Shophouse. We ordered and the man behind the counter asked if it was for here or to go. My “date” quickly said to go. Then looked at me. “Is that okay? I have a meeting a 1 I need to be back for and still need to shower.”

He paid. And by that I mean he paid for his bowl and got mine free – it was buy one, get one free day for all Capital Bikeshare members.


Mary Carmichael

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