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Squarespace was a godsend. I do not have a digital design background so it took a bit of time to get use to it, but once youve got the hang of the squarespace interface, the sky is the limit.

My site has been live for only months, thanks to some on and off site seo work my website continues to move upward through the search engine rankings, with a constant stream of leads coming in.

Squarespace allows you to quickly and easily edit your site, no code or time consuming bs. Squarespace has my vote. Ive built other landing pages since. Have a look at squarespaces tutorials here. They make it pretty easy to import content from wordpress. To be honest I havent thoroughly tested this process, but id imagine that the url structure will be a bit different.

But its okay as you can use redirect so that search engines such as google knows that the old page addresses are now permanently renamed into a set of new page addresses. This article from squarespace is helpful. Thanks for such a great and informative blog jeremy. I live in nz and have a home fragrance business.

I want to build a website that has an online store for only to products, with plenty of great photos but not too heavy on written content. I originally wanted squarespace as I loved their sleek and stylish design templates but unfortunately here in nz we dont have stripe. I then looked at shopify but having read this blog and seen your comparison list im thinking that weebly is a better option for me. Would you agree. I really like weeblys latest themes, redux and saucy so I just might get that sleek design that im after it helps that im a little familiar with weebly too.

Youre right its quite unfortunate that stripe hasnt entered the new zealand market yet. I think for a store that offers products, either shopify or weebly will both get the basics done quite well. Weebly is cheaper than shopify for sure, but shopify offers you a lot more ecommerce focused, and more advanced tools. So I think you can consider whether you are aiming to, and realistically going to sell a lot high volume of products or not.

If you are anticipating a high volume and therefore larger business, then id suggest you take a look at shopify. The reason is that with a higher volume business, shopify has a lot of tools and features to help you manage your back end administrative tasks better, and also really good tools to help you market your business.

Shopify also has a very large community of experts for hire, so if one day you want to make a lot of custom changes, custom apps, etc, there is a good pool of talent to hire. So shopify is definitely a much bigger financial commitment, but is a solid platform for you to scale up your business. With weebly, they do a great job in helping a smaller sized business sell products online. But if your business starts to experience fast growth, shopify is a much more scalable platform to be on.

Thanks for the article you wrote it has great information I have the fundamental knowledge about html and css styling and know its important in website building. My question is- if I decide to use ss and or wix account to create my own website, which is better for creating multiple websites for different business purposes far as hosting goes. Can I build more than one domain name on one account is my question in short and who is a better host in your view.

Using their premium or commerce plan, does each domain name have to bought under the account. I have more than one business idea that eventually will be built by me or a professional builder. You can definitely create multiple websites under a single account with either squarespace or wix.

However, if you want to upgrade your websites to premium plans, you will have to upgrade each website at a time. For instance, with squarespace, if you want to their personal plan, and you have different websites in your squarespace account, you will have to upgrade each website one at a time.

As for domain names, each website can only use one single unique domain name.